The History of LOMH

The League of Maryland Horsemen was founded on June 21, 1950. In the span of only 18 months “the League” grew from a mere handful of horse lovers to a membership of almost one hundred. Today the League consists of over 700 members and continues to grow.

The founders developed four objectives for the League:

  1. The raising of standards in the breeding, feeding, care, stabling, training, riding, driving, showing, and judging of horses.

  2. The dissemination, by means of lectures, motion pictures, and publications, of information on the horse.

  3. The cultivation of understanding, cooperation, and fellowship among horsemen.

  4. The improvement of bridle paths throughout Maryland.

An official seal was developed that symbolized the League's interest in both English and Western horses, in harness horses of all types, and in the dissemination of knowledge about the horse.

The original club was housed in a spacious clubhouse located at Wakefield, the estate of Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm B. Tebbs. Built for the League by Mr. Tebbs, the members gathered there for regular monthly meetings as well as to enjoy many social gatherings and good fellowship.


In the early 1980s, the club moved to its present location on Henryton Road, outside of McKelden Park in Mariottsville, Maryland. The first several years meetings and gatherings were in a mobile home located on the property.  In 1986, the club built a modern clubhouse to serve its growing membership.  The clubhouse includes a commercial kitchen, seating for 250, and full bathrooms, including "real" showers!

Volunteers help to maintain the clubhouse and grounds and make improvements.  Our latest improvement was to upgrade our electric amperage to 30 am throughout the campground.